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E-bike drives

Controlled via CANopen

Maxon has teamed up with Aarios, Interbike, and Duesenspeed to develop a complete series of e-bike devices. This includes drives, batteries, HMIs, and hot controllers.

Since 2015, the Swiss drive suppliers manufacturers products for e-bikes and pedelecs (Source: Maxon)

Maxon’s e-bike business started in 2015 with a retrofit kit. The Swiss company has also developed electronic shifting systems for the bicycle industry. Nowadays, the CAN in Automation member provides 50-Nm motors weighing 3,5 kg. This is achieved using ironless rotors. The drives come with speed and torque sensors. Additionally, the company offers batteries and human machine interfaces (HMI) specially designed for light electric vehicles. A central controller is the heart of the e-bike system. It uses CANopen to communicate with the other devices. As a systems partner, Maxon offers attachable or integrated lithium-ion batteries. The company has developed tis own battery management system (BMS) and provides customized products – from prototypes up to serial production.


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