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On-board charger

Based on GaN components and CAN-connectable

Finepower (Germany) has launched a GaN-based (Gallium Nitride) charger. The 3-kW product measures 210 mm x 50 mm x 60 mm without housing.

The GaN on-board charger provides 3 kW/l exceeding the power density of conventional chargers by 300 % (Source: Finepower)

The water-cooled on-board charger (OBC) by Finepower converts input voltages from 85 VAC to 264 VAC with a maximum power of 3600 W to 200 VDC to 450 VDC. The maximum output current is 10 A. Due to the ingle-stage IBI-LLC topology, this happens at 230 VAC with an efficiency of 97 %. With an 115-VAC input voltage, the efficiency is still 93 %. Thanks to the power factor of over 0,98, the nominal power of the supply can be skimmed off almost completely as active power.

The OBC (on-board charger) controlled by a digital signal processor can be adapted to the respective operating conditions. Communication takes place via the CAN interface. Up to three GaN chargers can be coupled together for three-phase supply, for example via three-phase sockets. The temperature range is -40 °C to +60 °C.


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