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With integrated motors

One million drives sold

Since 2001, Schneider Electric Motion has sold more than one million of its Mdrive devices, optionally equipped with CANopen interfaces.

The Mdrive comes with integrated motors and optional CANopen interface (Source: Schneider Electric Motion)

Integrated motors can simplify motion system design. The all-in-one design of motor and electronics has vast advantages in today’s fast-paced industrial environment. “With an integrated motion solution, when you mount the motor you’ve also mounted the electronics which are prewired onto the motor,” explained Russ Gibas from Schneider Electric. “With the addition of power, you can basically plug in and go.”

What began with reducing the electronics package size to fit onto a stepper motor using surface-mount technology and application-specific integrated circuits (Asics), has expanded to include features previously not available on stepper motors.

The latest Mdrive products offer closed-loop performance, velocity control, energy savings, and a range of standardized communication choices including CANopen. Several options and accessories are available including absolute encoder, captive shaft electric cylinder, and gearboxes. The products are assembled in the U.S. factory. For various applications, Schneider Electric’s Flexcenter supports customers providing specific solutions.


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