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SPS 2019

Brushless motor with integrated positioning controller

Maxon (Switzerland) shows on the SPS tradeshow a drive dedicated for industrial and logistics applications.

The IDX drive combines the EC-I motor and the Epos4 controller (Source: Maxon)

The IP65-rated modular features the brushless EC-i motor and the Epos4 positioning controller, which can be complemented with a planetary gear-head. It also provides configurable digital and analog inputs and outputs. CANopen connectivity is optionally available. The integrated Epos4 Micro 24/5 controller is smaller than the stand-alone Epos4 device. The compact drive is suitable for robotic applications, in which space is at a premium, and cost-sensitive multi-axis applications. The product is presented at SPS 2019 in hall 1, booth 224.

In addition, the Swiss company shows a robotic reptile. Bio-robotics expert Kamilo Melo has created this robotic snake especially for Maxon. With 16 DC motors and specific software, it moves just like one of its natural counterparts.