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Battery charging solution

Supporting charging stations in Europe and North America

Delta-Q Technologies announced its Vehicle Charge Interface Module (VCIM). This expands the company’s power charging capabilities to support electric vehicle AC charging stations or electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSEs).

(Source: Delta-Q)

Complementing Delta-Q’s recently released Stackable Charging System, the VCIM is a hardware addition that opens the capabilities of the company’s chargers to include compatibility with EVSEs. The product assists with negotiating the EVSE AC current limits and communicating its electrical information to the master charger of the Stackable Charging System. The VCIM addresses the needs of electric vehicles plug-in to the ever-expanding EV charging station infrastructure. It supports the European EN 61851-1 mode 2 and 3; and North American SAE J1772 AC Level 1 and 2.

The VCIM module communicates with the Stackable Charging System over a CAN network to fill the need of for higher power onboard charging solutions that are modular, scalable, and can be distributed across the vehicle or equipment. This system uses proprietary software to link two to six Delta-Q chargers together to create a charging solution that can deliver up to 7,5 kW.

The Delta-Q software development team has more than a combined 60 years of CAN programing and customization experience, said the company. This team works directly with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers to deliver CAN-based charging solutions specific to their needs. Its current offerings include CAN communication for battery management systems and telematic integrations with CANopen and SAE J1939 protocols.

“Our new VCIM product will open doors for our customers and prospects,” said Lloyd Gomm, vice president of business development at Delta-Q. “OEMs will now have an option to design systems that can utilize the growing public charging infrastructure with their end products, giving users more freedom and flexibility to charge anywhere.”


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