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Stepper motor controllers with CANopen

Koco Motion presented its EM_S stepper motor controllers which are controlled by the clock direction interface. The devices are available with CANopen or Ethercat interfaces.

The stepper motor controllers are CANopen and Ethercat-capable (Source: Koco Motion)

Improved DIP switches offer better settings and have a better performance than their predecessors, said the company. The controllers are available with CANopen or Ethercat interface. The engines run quieter and with less vibration. Due to an added function for automatically holding current reduction of the motor, the product is more economical in energy consumption and heats less.

Various stepper motor sizes can be configured automatically. The stepper motor controllers allow a soft start of the motor. There is a digital output for error. The integrated overvoltage and overcurrent protection ensures reliable operation, added the company.


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