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For pneumatic actuators

Switchbox with integrated pilot valve

The Gemue 4242 by Gemue (Germany) is a combi switchbox for pneumatically-operated linear actuators. Application of the Devicenet-capable device in explosive areas is possible.

(Source: Gemue)

The switchbox provides a micro-processor-controlled position sensing system and a travel sensor system. The device is designed for valves with a stroke of 2 mm to 75 mm. It records the stroke distance and submits the feedback to the plant control system. Local programming of end positions is possible without an interface to the control unit. The programming is done using a magnet so the housing has not to be opened. For commissioning the speed function is used. A manual override function is integrated as well. The switchbox may be fitted to the company’s valves or third-party actuators. The IP67-protected housing is available in aluminum or stainless steel and the transparent cover is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate. The integrated pilot valve allows to automate end position programming and to reduce compressed air consumption by coupling directly to the valve without piping losses. Maximal operating pressure is 9 bar at temperatures up to +50 °C.

The switchbox was approved for use in application areas requiring explosion protection such as Atex, Iecex, and NEC.


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