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Scalable solutions for stepper motors

The TMCM-1278 from Trinamic Motion Control, as well as the PD60/86-1278 Pandrive, offer a complete solution for driving and controlling high-power stepper motors.

(Source: Trinamic)

The PD-1278 Pandrive is a motor solution offered in Nema 24 and Nema 34. Controlled via CAN interface, it supports the company’s own TMCL firmware and CANopen.

The products are encased in a housing enclosure. They are suitable for lab automation, manufacturing, factory automation, robotics, and CNC (computerized numerical control) machines that require stepper motors of up to 9 A root mean square with a supply voltage of 12 VDC to 48 VDC. As for holding torque, the Pandrive versions offer up to 7,0 Nm.

Making sure even the bigger Nema 34 motors operate as quiet and precise as possible, each product features Stealthchop for silent operation at low speeds and standstill and Spreadcycle for operation at higher speeds. Together with the integrated Sixpoint ramp generator and micro-stepping, the 1278-series brings motor and motion control to stepper motors.

Besides CANopen, engineers can also opt for the TMCL version which allows for stand-alone operation using the TMCL mini-PLC, programmable with the free to use TMCL-IDE. For additional monitoring of the drive, the I/Os can be used as general-purpose inputs or ABN encoder inputs.

Both the standalone module TMCM-1278 and the Psndrive smart motor solutions PD60-4H-1278 and PD86-3-1278 are available from February onwards through the company’s distribution channels.

“With the minimum amount of assembly and programming required, the TMCM-1278 and PD-1278 allow for easily scalable systems. Depending on the use case, they can quickly be added or swapped without changing the system design,” explained Michael Randt, Founder and CEO of Trinamic. “All you need to do is connect a cable and you’re ready to get started.”


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