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CiA 402 supported

Motor, drive, and feedback connections in one unit

Haydon Kerk Pittman, a business unit of Ametek, provides the EC042B Idea brushless DC motor. The unit with 42 mm in diameter features an integrated motion controller with CANopen interface.

(Source: Haydon Kerk Pittman)

The unit supports the CiA 402 CANopen device profile for drives and motion control internationally standardized in IEC 61800‑7‑201/‑301. Among other functions, the CANopen communication is used to synchronize motion among multiple motors. CANopen software for the motor is available from the company.

The motor is offered in three motor lengths (52,6 mm, 72,6 mm, 92,6 mm) with continuous torque of up to 0,15 Nm. It features integrated inputs, outputs, and encoder. The GUI (graphical user interface) provides a trapezoidal and S-curve trajectory generator with a movement profile plotter. The device can store and execute multiple programs with I/O driven nested, prioritized, and vectored interrupts as well as a polled I/O for autonomous real-time control. Thus, the motor is suitable for autonomous precise execution of single-axis motions. PLG42S and PLG52 gearboxes are available as factory options. Possible device applications include e.g. lab automation, medical devices, communications equipment, semiconductor processing equipment, and aerospace systems.

Haydon Kerk Pittman is the joining of three brands, which offers stepper motor-based linear actuators, rotary motors, lead screw assemblies, brushed and brushless DC motors, as well as linear rail and guide systems.


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