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Linear movements

Low-noise electronic hoist cylinders for precise positioning

Paul Herm. Seckendorf (Germany) produces the Proaxis electronic hoist cylinders integrating drive amplifiers with CANopen connectivity.

The modular electronic hoist cylinders are available with drive amplifiers and digital measuring systems (Source: Paul Herm. Seckendorf)

The hoist cylinders are designed to fulfill linear movements. Travel distances range from 10 mm to 600 mm with 10-mm steps at speeds up to 3000 mm/min. The devices can be equipped with digital or analog measuring systems. The IP64-protected devices feature metallic (corrosion-free) or non-metallic housings. Brushed DC-motor versions are available for 12 VDC,18 VDC, and 24 VDC. The cylinders are designed as plug-and-drive devices, which can be adapted for use in diverse applications.

Two offered drive amplifiers with a CANopen interface have to be parametrized according to the requirements. The Mcdsa-E65 is designed for higher loads withstanding a maximal current (5 s) of 15 A. It features a limited space to store process data. The DMR-001LT withstands a maximal current (5 s) of 8 A and it works at continuous current of 5 A. Both amplifiers can operate with or without a TTL-based (transistor-transistor logic) measuring system at voltages from 24 VDC to 40 VDC. The 5-pin M12 connector is used in both devices. Company’s drive technology products may be combined as the housings, motors, spindles, drives, and measuring systems have the same dimensions.

The manufacturer also offers the MMT magnetic absolute encoders. The versions with the CAN interface can be operated as single-turn (72000 pulses per revolution) or multi-turn (47-bit resolution) encoders. The maximal rotational speed reaches 8000 revolutions/min. Two optional M8 sensor interfaces are available. End switch signals are provided via CAN.


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