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For all battery types

Battery charger with customizable charging curves

CB12245AJ from Adelsystem (Italy) is a battery charging and monitoring unit. It can provide more than 50 charging status and failure parameters via CAN, using the J1939 higher-layer protocol.

CB12245AJ battery charger (Source: Adelsystem)

The device is dedicated for use with all battery types (AGM, Gel, Ni‑Cd, Ni‑MH, and Li‑Ion). It provides four charging stages (recovery, boost, absorption, float). Fast charging, recharge of the battery almost to 0 V, and usage of customizable charging curves is possible. Together with the integrated battery diagnosis function, the device is suitable for energy management applications.

The charger data can be accessed via Ethernet using the DPY351 display (Source: Adelsystem)

The unit is designed to optimize the battery life duration. Once the batteries have been automatically charged, the charger checks the battery life status to avoid the risk of damage. This allows to let the battery permanently under charge. The device monitors the battery charging status, reverse polarity, battery connection, and possible short circuits. Overload conditions are recognized. If required, the charging current is limited. The company’s DPY351 panel controller (display) can be connected to the charger to visualize the charging data and to provide further connectivity (e.g. Ethernet).

The IP20-rated charger is shipped with an automatic coupling for DIN-rails. Input voltage of 115 VAC, 230 VAC, or 277 VAC as well as an 12‑VDC or 24‑VDC output voltage is possible. Example applications include generator and engine sets, water pumps, fire protection systems, etc.


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