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CANopen inverter

Powering water pumps with photovoltaic

Gefran (Italy) offers its ADV200 inverter with optional CANopen connectivity for water pumps. This is supported by a special application software.

Typical set-up of a PV-powered water pump (Source: Gefran)

Solar-powered water pumping can be based on photovoltaic (PV). The sunlight is converted into electricity to pump water. The PV panels are connected to an ADV200 drive, which converts the electrical energy supplied by the PV panel into mechanical energy. This in turn is converted into hydraulic energy by the pump.

Synergies between the inverters as well as the solar and pump application know-how have allowed Gefran to develop special software to optimize the operation of solar pump systems. As a result of the built-in MPPT (maximum power point tracker) dynamic search algorithm, the inverter continuously adapts the system load at maximum output power under varying irradiation and temperature conditions. The provided software manages pumping systems powered by different sources: solar PV panels (off-grid), or PV panels plus grid supply (dual-supply systems).

The optional CANopen interface complies with CiA 402. It supports the Heartbeat and the not more recommended Node-guarding (legacy function). The Sync consumer functionality is implemented as specified in CiA 301 version 4.0. The use of the pre-defined connection CAN-IDs (CAN-Identifiers) for the CANopen protocols simplifies the host controller tasks during the initialization phase. The PDO (process data object) inhibit-times can be configured up to a value of 1 min.


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