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Robot hand

Executing pick-and-place applications

The adaptive 3‑Finger Gripper by Robotiq (Canada) picks up objects of any shape. It can be delivered with CANopen and DeviceNet connectivity.

It is possible to adjust gripper’s position, speed and force for a solid grip (Source: Robotiq)

The gripper is adaptable to the object’s shape to ensure a solid grip. Thereby, the force, position, and speed are controlled separately for each finger. The four possible grip types include the pinch mode, the wide mode, the scissor mode, and the basic mode.

The 2,3‑kg hand with a grip force of 30 N to 70 N can open its fingers up to 155 mm. It can be installed on company’s universal robot arm (UR). The Gripper UR+ software enables configuration and programming of the solution. The company also provides hardware and communication options to install the gripper on industrial robots from other manufacturers.

The solution is dedicated for manufacturing purposes and robotic research. Applications include human‑robot collaboration, quality testing, machine tending, assembly as well as pick‑and‑place applications.


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