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Frequency inverter

Rotation speed control for asynchronous motors

The CANopen-capable FDD 3000 series complements Sigmatek’s AC drive portfolio for the low-voltage range.

FDD 3000 AC drives are available in nine sizes (Source: Sigmatek)

The single-phase (200 VAC, 240 VAC) or three-phase (380 VAC, 480 VAC) inverters cover a power range of 0,37 kW to 132 kW. The communication with the control system can be realized via CANopen, Ethercat, or the company’s Ethernet-based Varan interface. Parameters and motion commands are continuously sent from the main controller to the frequency inverter. Diagnostic data (e.g. actual current consumption of the motor) can also be monitored for predictive maintenance evaluation. The devices come with an integrated power filter. Two integrated safety STO (safe torque off) inputs (according to IEC 61508, SIL 3/PL e) ensure the stop. In addition, the devices have three digital inputs and one digital in/output, as well as a relay output for the brake control.

The CPU module CP 313 is dedicated for control, regulation, and motion tasks (Source: Sigmatek)

The book-size format of the AC drives enables the installation of multiple devices side-by-side in a control cabinet. The units provide an overload capacity of up to 180 %. The devices were designed for cost-effective motion applications requiring a continuously controllable rotation speed. Functions such as dynamic frequency control and the standby mode minimize energy consumption. Typical applications include frequency control for conveyor belts, extruders, fans, and pumps.

Additionally, the company’s S-Dias series was extended by the CPU (central processing unit) module CP 313 for control, regulation, and motion tasks. The module integrates the dual-core Edge2 processor. Its interfaces include CAN, USB, Ethernet, and Varan. An Ethercat drive controller interface is on-board. OPC UA communication is possible as well. The module is able to control up to 64 local I/O modules. Further, it provides an exchangeable 512-MiB micro SD card, a real-time clock (RTC) and a battery-buffered zero-voltage proof 256-kiB RAM area. The device dimensions are 37,5 mm x 104 mm x 72 mm. Required supply voltage can range from 18 VDC to 30 VDC.


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