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Added actuator option

Enabling entry into CAN communication

The product series of Hawe Hydraulik's proportional directional spool valve type PSL has been extended by the actuation option CAN Lite (keyword: onboard electronics). This option offers an entry into CAN communication in mobile machines.

Directional spool valve type PSL in modular design combines actuation in one control block (Source: Hawe Hydraulik)

By switching from a valve control by pulse width modulation to CAN, the valves can be addressed and function parameters can be adjusted. The start and end position of the spool valve are already preset on delivery for commissioning. The hysteresis typical for spool valves during operation is low with the PSL-CAN Lite, said the company. The entire valve bank is connected to the network system of the machine with only one connector plug. This keeps the cabling effort low and shortens the commissioning time, explained the company.

The CAN Lite actuation can be combined with the equipped CAN actuation version with spool position feedback from Hawe in one valve bank. Depending on the requirements for precision and repeatability, the machine manufacturer can decide for each consumer which type of actuation is best suited. True to the motto, only as much as necessary.

For the directional spool valve type PSL generally operating pressures up to 420 bar and a flow rate range from 1 l/min to 1000 l/min can be implemented in four sizes. The different sizes can be combined in a valve bank. If only the size required for the respective individual function is used in the valve bank, the weight is reduced and fine control is further improved, said the company.


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