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PCB-mount servo drive

For limited-space installations

Advanced Motion Controls (AMC) launched the FE060-25-CM servo drive rated to a 25-A continuous current output and controllable via CANopen.

FE060-25-CM sizes 38,1 mm x 25,4 mm x 12 mm and weights 19,8 g (Source: AMC)

PCB-mount servo drives are installed directly into the machine’s PCB (printed circuit board) without any external connectors or cabling, giving system designers direct control over layout, connector selection, connector placement, and number of axes. The mounting footprint of 38,1 mm x 25,4 mm with an installed height of 12 mm enables to mount up to four units within the footprint of a standard business card.

The drive adds CANopen network communication capabilities to the company’s Flexpro family. Along with this release are two lower current options, the FE060-10-CM (10 A continuous) and FE060-5-CM (5 A continuous), which are designed to the same dimensions. The possible power input ranges from 10 VDC to 55 VDC. Incremental encoder and Biss C-mode feedback are available. The drive supports torque, velocity, and position operating modes. Additionally, it supports the safe torque off (STO) function. The servo drive can be commissioned via the USB interface. Configuration possibility and full-loop tuning are provided.

The drive can be used with three-phase brush-less DC-motors, single-phase brushed DC-motors, AC induction motors, and stepper motors. The size of the drives makes them suitable for application in cobots (collaborative robots), AGVs (automated guided vehicles), portable devices, lab and warehouse automation, military equipment, and other integrated designs.


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