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Battery system

For electric and hybrid commercial vehicles

INT-39 Energy HV by Leclanché is a CAN-connectable battery system for electric trucks, buses, municipal service, and construction vehicles.

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The IP65-rated stainless-steel pack offers an energy capacity of 39,4 kWh (at 657 V). The modular system can be expanded to include up to eight packs providing up to 315 kWh. According to the company, the pack can withstand 10 000 charging cycles at 70 % DOD (depth of discharge) and 4 500 cycles at 100 % DOD. Battery modules, a battery management system (BMS), a liquid-cooling system, and a thermal hazard protection are integrated into the pack. The pack weights 372 kg and dimensions are 408 mm x 1266 mm x 613 mm. Installation of the system within the vehicles as well as roof-mounting is possible.

INT-39 Energy HV battery pack (Source: Leclanché)

The BMS provides software and hardware protection for overcharge/deep discharge, over/under voltage, over current, over/under temperature, pre-charge, short circuit, etc. It enables real-time control over the charge and the discharge current. An integrated graphical user interface (GUI) enables to monitor and to diagnose the system. For the battery system’s connectivity, a CAN interface is available. An optional Internet of Things tool allows remote data-logging and real-time access to the battery status, performance, and diagnostic data for fleet operations.

“INT-39 Energy is a high energy, safe, and efficient lithium-ion battery pack enabling commercial vehicle manufacturers to more easily design and bring to market zero-emission electric vehicles,” said Anil Srivastava, CEO, Leclanché. “This plug-and-play modular solution should help drive a new and efficient generation of e-transport vehicles such as e-trucks, municipal service, construction, and agricultural applications and e-buses.”


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