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SPS 2021

Drive solution with CANopen communication

The IHD system from Harmonic Drive (Germany) comprises a backlash-free gearbox, a servo motor, a dual motor feedback system for position measurement and a motion controller in a ready-to-use drive solution.

(Source: Harmonic Drive)

Integration into the user’s application is supported not only by the drive's central hollow shaft, which is predestined to carry a variety of media, but also by the developed, software solution for commissioning – plug and play, explained the company. Communication with the machine controller is possible via CANopen, Ethernet, and Ethercat. Due to thermal optimization of its design, the IHD meets requirements for applications in the field of stationary and mobile drive technology, the company added. Simulation tools for thermal evaluation of the system have been developed for this purpose. The system has an application processor for future “smart” applications such as condition monitoring and can be used as a separate platform for customer-specific application programming. The system operates with DC voltages of 24 V or 48 V. The company is part of the SPS 2021 in hall 4, booth 248.


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