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Developed for use in vending machines

Nidec Servo has announced brushless DC motors equipped with CAN interfaces. They do not need a host controller to be operated.

The tiny servo controllers come with CAN interfaces (Source: Nidec Servo)

The CAN-connectable motors are intended for vending machines. Due to the growing refrigerant restrictions, vending machines are required to be explosion-proof, while demands are growing for brushless DC motors, as they do not generate sparks. It is under those circumstances that the company has added CAN interface to its motors to enable automatic remote failure diagnosis of them and significant reduction of wiring. The launched brushless DC motors are suitable for product pay-out mechanisms.

Nidec Servo is a part of the Japanese Nidec Group. CiA member Control Technique providing CANopen drives and motion controllers is also part of the Japanese enterprise. Nidec Servo develops and manufactures tiny servo controllers for different markets. This includes applications in road vehicles as well as in service robots. Vending machines are by some means static service robots. The idea to use CAN networks in vending machines is not new. There is a patent describing an embedded network architecture using serial communication between different parts of the vending machine. Preferred is CAN, reads the patent assigned to Askoyen 20 about years ago.


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