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Stepper motor

With CANopen connectivity

The ISI57 and ISI60 stepper motors by Delta Line (Switzerland) integrate a motor control unit and optionally a CAN interface supporting CANopen.

The ISI57 and ISI60 stepper motors eliminate the for a separate drive and control unit (Source: Delta Line)

The size 57 and size 60 motors allows controlling 65536 steps per revolution and have torque ranges from 0,55 Nm to 3,1 Nm. The encoder options for these products with integrated electronics include magnetic incremental, single-turn absolute, or multi-turn absolute, to meet a wide range of applications. Communication options include CANopen.

The stepper motors with integrated electronics simplify the physical integration, parameterization, and start-up of the system, since the drive and controller are matched to the motor, and the controller automatically recognizes the motor parameters and feedback configuration. The company said that the user can achieve cost savings of 20 % to 40 % over a conventional stepper motor with separate drive and control unit. The motors are IP65-rated, so they can be used in a environments, where moisture or water spray is present.


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