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Motor drive with tension control

Delta announced its advanced AC motor drive MH300 series in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia (EMEA). It comes with CANopen, a power range of 0,4 kW to 75 kW, and numerous tension control features.

(Source: Delta)

The motor drive is suitable for a range of constant torque applications, such as machine tools, extruding machines, bending machines, conveyer systems, and eventually also for cranes and hoists. The MH300 also comes with a built-in EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) filter to limit electromagnetic emissions. Improved control algorithms allow the latest model to drive both SPM and IPM motors, explained the company. Zero speed holding torque with IPM motor in open loop control is possible out-of-the-box — there is no need to install an extra encoder.

Tension control features

The product comes with the ability to calculate roll diameter using linear speed, material thickness, and distance, said the company. Two PID parameters allow industrial facilities to control tension at motor startup for small and large rolls at both high and low speeds. Since the amount of torque required to tension the web depends on the remaining diameter of the roll, the device can also perform a tensor taper calculation. This automatically adjusts tension in line with roll diameter to avoid wrinkles and deformation of the web span during roll-to-roll processing. Friction and inertia are automatically compensated during winding and unwinding to keep the tension constant, the company continued. The automatic roll change feature only needs an external signal, shutting down the machine is not necessary.

CANopen communication

The overload capability of the drive is 150 % for a period of one minute or 200 % over three seconds, making it suitable for constant torque applications, the company explained. The built-in PLC (programmable logic controller) with 5000 steps supports system programming and reduces total cost of operation. Also, on board in the base version of the MH300 are CANopen and Modbus communications to ensure compatibility with a selection of controllers and drives. Optional interfaces include for example Devicenet.

Manufacturers can optionally equip the product with a PG card. With the card installed, drive speed control is even more stable and manufacturers gain greater motor control efficiency, said the company. The PG card (300 kHz) allows for more accurate closed-loop velocity and position control. The MH300 can drive up to four IM motors. In combination with a multi-motor control, it is possible to drive as many as eight motors with a single unit. The 5-digit LCD display and quick-select dial provide good usability on-site, the company continued. An optional 24-V power supply card is available to provide constant uptime.

“Many industries need advanced tension control,” said Max Chang, Product Manager at Delta Electronics EMEA region. “Anytime you’ve got rolls of material like the printing and papermaking industries, electrical wiring manufacturing, or production of films, tensioning is an important part of the manufacturing process. The wide power range and superior performance combined with a set of onboard tensioning capabilities make the MH300 a great choice. Especially when the installation requires a unit with compact dimensions. What’s more, customers get a built-in EMC filter, too.”


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