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CiA 402 motion controller

Servo drive system with CANopen

The electronics specialist Adlos and the drive specialist Koco Motion have developed the Kannmotion servo drive system. It consists of a motor with integrated encoder and a directly attached control.

Smart drive systems enable moving applications (Source: Adobe Stock)

Depending on customer requirements, Koco Motion offers drive solutions deploying different motors, controllers, and networking technologies. Specializing on electronics, Adlos engineered the CANopen connection of the system.

The Kannmotion platform provides different motor driver PCBs (printed circuit boards). For example, the Kann-D17a DC motor driver is dedicated for motors for up to 45 VDC and 1,5 A. It can be completely controlled via the CANopen network and supports the CiA 402 CANopen device profile for drives and motion controllers. CiA 402 is internationally standardized in IEC 61800-7-2/-3 and is further developed by CAN in Automation (CiA). The drive integrates a magnetic position encoder or a hall sensor and works at ambient temperatures from -10 °C to +40 °C.

Adlos offers for its customers helping design-in tools, application notes, and manuals on the Kannmotion website. The Kannmotion Manager tool comes with an integrated C-coder and a visual drag-and-drop user interface. ComWatch is a tool to explore device-specific parameters, read out tracking data, and fulfill firmware updates. The company also offers the Kannmotion API (application programming interface) library to communicate with the drives.


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