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Drive units with CAN for e-bikes

Shimano added the EP6 drive unit for e-bikes to its product range. According to them, it brings the same ride feel and performance of the high-end EP8 platform to a mid-level price point. Power supply and maximum current for the CAN interface are 12 VDC / 2,0 A.

The EP6 and EP8 both come with CAN (Source: Shimano)

The EP6 drive unit delivers 85 Nm max torque (just like the EP8) of refined pedal assist up to 25 km/h, 20 mph. It also supports CAN and ACC ports and compatibility with the company’s second-generation battery management system. The previous model, the EP8 drive unit received updates for expanded capabilities with the introduction of the latest EP801 version. CAN ports and XT Di2 compatibility are now provided. Both EP drive units (series 6 and 8) provide a continuous rated power of 250 W. The EP6 weights 3,0 kg while the EP8 comes with 2,7 kg.

Both drive units next to each other (Source: Shimano)

Designed as an integral part of the XT Di2 drivetrain systems, the latest Shimano EP drive units facilitate expanded E-MTB (mountain bike) shifting modes including Auto Shift With Manual Override and Free Shift. The company’s EP series provides compatibility with the above-mentioned XT Di2 shifting modes and features the latest Fine Tune Mode on the E-Tube Project app for power profile customization.


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