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CiA 402 drive

Customizable to every motor

Dunkermotoren, a part of Ametek group, has released the Nexofox BGE 5510 Dpro external controller, which can be used with motors of different manufacturers.

Nexofox BGE 5510 Dpro external controller can be applied even to third-party motors (Source: Dunkermotoren)

The external device with continuous output current of 10 A can be used for all motors no matter the manufacturer, said Dunkermotoren. Nexofox is the IIoT (industrial Internet of Things) brand of the firm. The drive supports the CiA 402 CANopen device profile for drives and motion controllers. Additionally, it implements safety functions such as STO (safe torque off).

The device can be used with BLDC and DC motors. The Nexofox devices can be programmed using the free Motioncode tool and integrate IIoT functionalities for cloud-based condition monitoring via the Smart Diagnostics platform. This allows extensive applications to be implemented directly on the drive. One example is the ZeroPLC. Here, the entire application is implemented on the BGE 5510 Dpro using the Motioncode development environment. This reduces the network traffic and, in some applications, makes a separate PLC superfluous. Thus, ZeroPLC often also means zero cost, adds the provider.

Additional software and hardware device features are in development. In the software department, extensions for Smart Diagnostics are already set to be released. These include interaction of the controller with a smartphone application or with a remote oscilloscope. The expansion of the Motioncode development environment is going to include further features to simplify programming, said the manufacturer. In terms of hardware, a device variant with a power range of up to 60 A continuous current as well as suitable module solutions for both drives have been announced. These are scheduled to be launched in 2023. The company also provides necessary support for commissioning or tuning of motors used with the drive. Further services include training courses for parameterization and implementation with the Motioncode tool.


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