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DC power supply

Delivering total power up to 1,92 MW

EA Elektro-Automatik provides the 30-kW EA-PSB 10000 bidirectional power supply. The device with an optional CANopen connectivity includes the energy feedback feature.

The bidirectional power supply is targeted to support battery manufacturers for e-mobility and renewable energy markets (Source: EA Elektro-Automatik)

The power supply is dedicated to support storage battery manufacturers for the e-mobility and renewable energy markets in their development and production, declares the company. In the four-rack units the introduced power supply generates 100 % more power than the previous series with a third more of the device volume. In an interconnected parallel operation, these devices can produce a total power of up to 1,92 MW. Via the included 5-inch touch display users can control, setup, and program the device. Digital interface modules are available for CAN, CANopen, EIA-232, Modbus TCP, etc.

The device offers a working efficiency of up to 96 % both as a source and as a drain with energy feedback. For example, charging and discharging of an energy storage with various power ranges may be carried out. Energy in the motor testing recuperation phase can be collected and fed back to the mains. The enclosed design allows operation in inhospitable environments, such as damp or dusty conditions. A water cooling is available as an option.

Using the EA Power Control software, the user can operate up to 20 devices remotely, control additional functions (e.g. sequencing), and use the available data collection. The recently introduced battery simulation software allows to use the power supply to test hardware under real conditions (hardware in the loop test). Providing of lower test voltages with higher currents and higher voltages with lower currents allows to cover diverse test routines. The device also features a waveform generator as well as test routines for battery test, photovoltaic simulation, and MPP tracking.


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