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16-kHz frequency inverter for medical applications

Hanning (Germany) has introduced the Hatronic frequency inverter DC-FI at the SPS IPC Drives 2013. With a switching frequency of 16 kHz, the frequency inverter operates in the inaudible range.

THE DEVICE IS FOR CONTROLLING three-phase asynchronous motors. It can be used with any of the company’s linear actuators, lifting columns and low-profile gearboxes with low-voltage three-phase winding. The processes and lifting movements, e.g. in medical applications, are implemented with precise positioning. The speed-variable drive system is used in applications that require powerful drives with positioning functionality. Examples are therapy couches, treatment chairs and operating tables with outputs of up to 750 W and input voltage of 36 VDC to 42 VDC.
The frequency inverter, which is freely programmable and individually controllable, and the corresponding drive are controlled via a CAN network. The CAN network allows communication between inverter and customer-specific control system and ensures that values such as temperature, position and speed are continually monitored. Alternatively it is also possible to work with an analog control system.
Additional functions like start-ramp (e.g. soft-start), stop-ramp (e.g. soft-stop) or motor-potentiometer functions can be set. To utilize high breakaway torques, a “Delta-Boost” can be added temporarily, an option which allows achieving a higher output of up to 25 % compared to the regular boost.

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