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22-mm DC servomotor complies with CiA 402

Faulhaber (Germany) has introduced a series of brushless DC servomotors with an integrated motion controller. The CANopen devices with a minimum length of 49,6 mm are suitable for multi-axis applications. The motors provide stall torque ranging from 57 mNm to 346 mNm.

BESIDES THE EXTERNAL MOTION CONTROLLERS for the MC 300X series, the device family with integrated motion controller (22 ... BX4 CxD, 32xx ... BX4 Cx, and 3564 ... B Cx) supports the complete CiA 402 functionality. This includes variable PDO mapping. Via the CANopen interface it is possible to synchronize different axis by means of the SYNC mechanism. In order to configure the motion controller via the network, the supplier offers its Motion Manager 5 software. For single-axes application the device can also use the EIA 223 or the CAN interface using a proprietary protocol (Faulhaber CAN).
The CANopen interface supports data-rates up to 1 Mbit/s. The interface is able to detect automatically the used bit-rate. The device is delivered without a valid node-ID. It needs to be set by means of an LSS master (PLC or the Motion Manager tool). The motion controller features one SDO server, four TPDOs and four RPDOs. It also supports EMCY services as well as Heartbeat and Node/life-guarding. The device implements the “store” and “restore” parameter functionality, in order to save the configuration respectively to reset the device to the factory settings. The CiA 402 software supports the profile position mode and position control function, several homing methods as well as the profile velocity mode. Besides the CiA 402 configuration parameter, the motion controller provides additional manufacturer-specific parameters.
Faulhaber's MCBL300x motion controller family are the first CANopen products, which passed the CANopen interoperability test at CiA.

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