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32-mm motor available in two CAN versions

Two companies, Faulhaber (Germany) and Technosoft (Switzerland), have developed the Imot32xx FM-Cat motor. It was developed for speed and position control and features a diameter of 32 mm.

TWO CAN VERSIONS OF THE MOTOR are available: the standard CANopen protocol, in accordance to the CiA 301, CiA 305, and CiA 402 profiles, and the TMLCAN protocol. The Technosoft Motion Language (TML) opens the possibility to use the motion controller, allowing it to operate as an independent device. Stand-alone single or multi-axis applications with communication between drives (without the need of a CAN master) are possible, while various types of CAN masters are also supported with an extended set of Technosoft Motion Control Libraries.

The motor is based on the brushless DC 4-pole technology servomotors using the Faulhaber ironless stator system and a dynamically balanced rotor, resulting in a no-cogging output, which is for low inertia loads.

The controller incorporates the iPOS4808 controller, which utilizes Technosoft’s Motionchip technology and offers seven I/Os. The configuration, tuning and local programming of the drive can be done using the company’s graphical platform Easymotion-Studio. The position sensor is absolute single-turn providing 4096 counts per revolution for accurate speed and position control, down to five arc minutes.

This motor has a maximum speed of 6000 r/min and a stall torque of 97 mNm, which is achieved by a motor with a diameter of 32 mm. The maximum length of the integrated unit is 92,8 mm. The controller is housed in an oblong, which measures 46,5 mm x 67 mm, with a depth of 26 mm. The company offers six families of gearheads that are available for fitting to the motor, depending on the requirements of the application. The motor has been developed for medical analysis and dosing machines, pick and place and welding robots, instrumentation and optical equipment, unmanned military vehicles, packaging bottling and labeling machines.

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