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Up to 25600 steps

The MC1010 Step1-SC6-CAN stepper motor controller by Berghof (Germany) supports a permanent load of up to 4 A. The resolution of up to 25600 steps allows an angle control of 0,014°.

THE COMPANY, ONE OF THE EIGHT CiA establishing parties, has introduced a stepper motor controller with an improved performance compared to the predecessors (MC 1010 Step1-SC5-CAN and MC1010 Step1-130-CAN). The power unit allows permanent currents of up to 4 A. The micro-step operation with 25600 steps enables a smooth running and shorter cycle times (higher speeds). Additionally, the self-heating has been reduced. The CANopen interface supports the CiA 402 device profile internationally standardized as IEC 61800-7-201/301. The CAN port is galvanic isolated. Optionally, the DIN-rail mountable devices are equipped with local encoder interfaces and electronic gears. The power supply is specified from 24 to 48 VDC. The company also provides motion control units with CANopen connectivity for DC servomotors (MC1020 DC1-4Q-CAN).

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