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CANopen motors with CiA 402 support

Dunkermotoren (Germany) expands its brush-less motors portfolio by BG42 KI. The motor with additional commutation electronics for rated power of 40 W (15-mm length) or 60 W (30-mm lenght) is available with CANopen (CiA 402) connectivity.

THE TORQUE OF THE 30-MM LONG VERSION is 17,2 Ncm at 3600 rotations per minute. The rotating direction may be adjusted by means of two digital inputs. A Hall sensor signal informs whether the motor is currently standing or rotating. The motor with an outer diameter of 42 mm may be supplied with diverse gearboxes, brakes, drives and encoders. External electronics for different requirements is available. The offered BGE3508 and BGE6005 are two four-quadrant drives with a CANopen interface supporting the CiA 402 device profile for drives and motion control. The CiA 402 is internationally standardized in IEC 61800-7-201 and IEC 61800-7-301, both of which are available from the IEC. Speed, torque and position operating modes are supported. The drives are optionally available as programmable version with integral Motion Process Unit.
They are protected against over-voltage, low-voltage and over-temperature cut-off. Three connection plugs are included in the delivery package of the drive. For a pure rotation speed control the BGE42 and BGE3004A are offered. The motor is mostly used in industrial automation and medical technology applications. It is especially suited for the operation in pump applications.

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