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Solar tracking motors with CANopen

Dunkermotoren (Germany) has introduced the Bifurcated Wormetary gear-motor dedicated for solar tracking applications. This includes Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Parabolic Trough Collector (PTC) systems. The IP65-rated actuator is special long-life brush motor with a 60-V input and rated for 28,5 Nm continuous torque.

THE COMPANY, A PART OF THE AMETEK Precision Motion Control group, has further refined its Wormetary gearing to provide dual high-torque outputs from a single, efficient gear-motor. The gearing combines a right angle worm gear to turn the corner with a pair of planetary gearboxes for a total reduction ratio of 529:1, without an undue sacrifice in efficiency. Overall reductions up to 50000:1 can be achieved with this approach.
The gearboxes share the load through 25-mm output shafts and each side is rated for a continuous output torque of 160 Nm and peak outputs of 320 Nm. One benefit of the Wormetary configuration is 2,5 times better energy efficiency compared to worm gearing alone.
For the CSP application, the Wormetary gearing is non-backdrivable, which is a benefit in the presence of wind loading. With planetary gearing in its output stages, the load is spread over many contact points around each gear, thus offering much greater protection from shock loading than helical gears used in other right angle gear-motors.
"The Wormetary gearing offers the high-reduction ratios needed for PTCs' low-speed operation. Their dual output shaft configuration is ideally suited for this type of CSP application. It also lends itself well to certain Linear Fresnel Collector applications where it can replace special slew drives," notes John Morehead from Dunkermotoren. "With our configurable modular system we can just as easily supply Bifurcated Wormetary solutions with our intelligent servo and brushless DC motors. The intelligent servo motors feature integral control capabilities ranging from 4-quadrant digital speed or positioning to master electronics, including CANopen, connectivity."
The low-voltage (12 V to 60 V) brush and brushless motors are available in frame sizes from 42 mm to 80 mm, with power up to 530 W, and are part of a modular system that includes motors, gearing, controls, fieldbus interfaces, encoders and brakes. To meet customers' international use requirements, all motors have received not only UL and cUL certifications for the United States and Canada but also CE and CCC certifications for the European and Chinese markets.

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