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H-gantry for integration into CANopen networks

Festo (Germany) offers the EXCM planar surface gantry to be directly installed on machines. It is specifically intended for small parts assembly and use in laboratory automation.

The H-gantry is pre-configured in order to simplify system integration
THE H-GANTRY CAN APPROACH ANY POSITION within its working space. The recirculating toothed belt moves the slide within a two-dimensional area (X and Y axes). The fixed motors are connected to the slide and thanks to the parallel-kinematic drive principle the moving masses remain low.
The drives and controller are pre-parameterized. This allows the user to concentrate on the application software. Nevertheless, the CANopen interface provides configuration options for special-purpose applications. The ready-to-install sub-system allows fast positioning at speeds of up to 500 mm/s and repetition accuracies of the order of ±0.05 mm. Possible application in electronic production lines include the feeding and screwing in of small components, setting adhesive points, electronics testing such as contact points or resistance, the flexible positioning of work-pieces and components in assembly operations, palletization and depalletization, desktop manufacturing and assembly.

The XY planar surface portal supports speeds of up to 500 mm/s and repetition accuracies of the order of ±0.05 mm
The H-gantry is also suitable for pre- and post-analytical laboratory processes and can be used, for example, in sample preparation to transport samples for identification by means of barcode scanners and to open and close containers. It can be utilized to distribute samples on test systems such as micro-titer plates. In post-analytical processes, it can, for example, provide safe incubation, dispensing or archiving functions. Supplied fully assembled and tested, the sub-system comes with all design data and circuit diagrams.

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