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Linear and compact

Faulhaber (Germany) presents the LM 1247 and LM 2070 series of linear DC servomotors respectively providing a peak force of up to 27,6 N and 10,7 N. The devices with CAN or EIA-232 interfaces are available with stroke lengths ranging from 20 mm to 120 mm (LM 1247) and up to 220 mm (LM 2070).

THE LINEAR SERVOMOTORS INTEGRATE ANALOG HALL SENSORES or sin/cos type sensors to match positioning needs without requiring an external encoder. These integrate an axial type connection to satisfy constrained space requirements. The axial coupling should also improve the mechanical robustness of the connection to electronic controllers. Company’s linear DC servomotor family also includes the LM 0830 motor measuring 8 mm x12 mm x 30 mm and weighing 17 g.
The LM 2070 may be coupled to MCLM 3003 or MCLM 3006 drive electronics while the miniature MCLM 3002 controller is suited for the LM 1247. The Motion Manager 4.7 software is shipped with the devices.
The software for operation and configuration of the motion and speed controllers runs at Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2k operating systems. Configuration dialogs and dynamic menus provide plain text support on command inputs. Graphic online analysis of drive’s performance and an option to continuous change of the controller parameters are given. The software supports creation, transfer and management of sequential programs and parameter files. Using CAN, a CAN interface supported by Motion Manager with a corresponding driver, must be installed on a PC. CAN interfaces from Ixxat, Peak, ESD and EMS are supported.
The more than 60 years group is a technology provider for micro-drives in the range 0,01 mNm to 200 mNm. The company specializes in the development and production of solutions for those areas of application in which miniaturization, precision and reliability are essential.

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