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Temperature controller for IR heating

The CANopen-connectable GFX-IR temperature controller by Gefran (Italy) controls IR (infrared) heating elements of any wavelength. IR lamp heating technologies are being applied more and more often in industry, and provide concrete advantages over traditional heating devices.

IR HEATING SYSTEMS ARE USED IN SEVERAL INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES, from producing PET bottles to cooking foods in ovens, from finishing furniture to heat-treating silicon wafers for photovoltaic panels. This applicative flexibility is typical of contactless technologies, in which the product is not (or must not be) in contact with the heating element. The use of IR lamps has some advantages, including better process control and reduced dissipation of electrical energy, thanks to a highly sophisticated control technology that directs heat to the required point of the product/process.

The CANopen heating unit with zero crossing mode, manages and balances individual half waves and controls radiation stability to eliminate flickering. IR lamps, especially in the short wave range, have a long reaction time and non-linear behavior between cold lamp and lamp at working temperature. If the heating elements are not correctly controlled, there is risk of flickering, which generates non-stable temperature on the product and shortens the life of the element.

In addition, the CANopen device does not generate EMC noise when used in zero crossing mode, eliminating the need to install expensive filters in panels. Soft-start functions, control of peak and RMS current, phase angle trigger functions, feedback functions in voltage, current and power, satisfy the multiple demands of controlled processes. The GFX4-IR comprises four controllers, four SCRs with heat sink, four current transformers, four voltage transformers, four fuses, and four fuse holders.

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