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CANopen servo drive for AC motors

Ingenia Motion Control (Spain) released the CiA 402 capable i124 AC servo drive. It may drive 190-VAC to 250-VAC induction and permanent magnet brushless motors with output power up to 750 W (ca. 1 horsepower).

THE DEVICE MAY OPERATE AS A FREQUENZY INVERTER with programming capabilities allowing V/Hz control method. It incorporates an active power factor corrector (PFC; ≥ 0,90) for minimal harmonics and a dual stage line filter, which avoids the use of external line filters. Among others, the drive accepts external command sources including CANopen network. It also may work in stand-alone mode executing a pre-stored program. Feedbacks for position, velocity and torque control are supported. The feedback function is fulfilled via incremental encoder, Hall sensors, tacho, resolver and analog input (potentiometer). The serial EIA-232 interface for control panels allows direct configuration of the drive using push buttons and parameters displayed on the LED/LCD. The drive supports the CiA 402 CANopen device profile for drive and motion controllers. This profile is also internationally standardized in IEC 61800-7-201 and IEC 61800-7-301, both of which are available from the IEC.

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Ingenia Motion Control


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