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Integrated synchronous and asynchronous servo drive

LTI Drives provides the CDi3000 series interconnecting a servomotor and controller delivering a servo axis with a CANopen interface. The range features two models with 1,5 Nm and 2,5 Nm, fed by 230 V mains voltage and attaining power outputs of 0,45 kW and 0,75 kW respectively.

INTEGRATED ARE COMPANY'S HIPERFACE single-or multi-turn speed and position encoders with up to 16-bit resolution. For less demanding tasks, the in-house magnetoresistive encoder system attaining resolver quality with a resolution of up to 12 bit may be provided. As an option, the servo system may be fitted with an integral holding brake.
Alongside the standard interface with one analog input, four digital inputs and two outputs, there is also an EIA-232 interface to connect to the DriveManager program for parameter setting, diagnosis and control of the system. A standard feature is a CANopen interface. Optionally available are further field bus interfaces and a slot for application-specific options.
The standard package includes an integrated mains filter, a built-in brake chopper with a ballast resistor and, as an option, a 3 x 230 V mains input. Using power connectors from the solar sector and standard M12 signal plugs, contacts with IP54 protection are implemented. The control electronics are optionally also powered externally by 24 V, meaning they may be addressed over the bus system even with no 230-V mains supply. In terms of software, the device follows company's CDE concept, though also features additional software functionality such as cam plate, stepwinder or electronic gearing.
The servomotor and the controller hermetically sealed inside a unit may be used for distributed applications in the textile industry, robotics, packaging machinery, and handling and assembly systems.

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