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Alternative to pneumatics: Gripper with CAN

The WSG 50 from Schunk (Germany) is an electrically driven mechatronic gripper, which is available with CAN connectivity. The EGA gripper comes optionally also with a CAN interface. Both products are designed as an alternative to pneumatically driven devices.

MECHATRONIC GRIPPING MODULES OFFER NUMEROUS POSSIBILITIES FOR users and design engineers. Schunk is going one step further: The family-owned company has bundled several mechatronic modules in a single modular system. The spectrum extends from simple grippers as an alternative to pneumatic grippers to versions with integrated micro-controllers and communication interfaces such as CAN. In the opinion of Matthias Poguntke from Schunk, both pneumatic and electric drives will be used in the future. "Mechatronic modules are especially flexible and very attractive in economic terms, despite the higher initial investment. Arguments for pneumatic grippers are the attractive price, the robust construction and the user-friendly commissioning and maintenance." He therefore recommends comparing the application, environment and individual requirements to determine, which drive type is more cost effective.

A 2-finger parallel gripper

The WSG 50 mechatronic 2-finger parallel gripper with a CAN interface can be commissioned by using a web browser. No additional software is necessary. An electronic sensor interface is integrated in the base jaws of the gripper, which makes it possible to incorporate diverse sensors in the gripping process.
The highlight of the gripper is the detection of gripped parts. In combination with the positioning accuracy of the gripper, this allows the device to execute a gripping command with optimized cycle times. This reduces the load on the higher-level host controller, because the gripper itself features functions for independent execution of sub-routines. Depending on the respective application, the functionality of the gripper can be individually adapted by means of the built-in script language. Once the scripts have been created, they are saved on the built-in SD card.

For weights of up to 7,5 kg

Additionally, the company manufactures the EGA gripping system. It is able to handle parts with a weight of up to 8,75 kg. Depending on the handling system and the desired functions, these modules can be equipped with a broad range of servomotors. It is possible, for example, to control the module with the same commands used for the higher-level robot.

In addition, the characteristics of the system controller with respect to programming, safety or CAN communication can be used directly. The most recent example for such an adaptable gripper is the robust EGA long-stroke gripper. All standard industrial servomotors can be used to drive the gripper, in particular also servomotors with a voltage range starting at 230 VAC. Depending on the application the motor can be flange mounted parallel to the direction of motion, which is especially favorable for robot applications in which the height of the gripper needs to be minimized. Alternatively, it can be mounted at a right angle to the direction of motion, to minimize the width of the gripper for gantry applications, for example. The gripper has a flat and compact design and minimal interfering contours. Due to the anti-friction guide-way, the device is permanently precise and long lasting. The weight-optimized design of the gripper and the dynamics and energy efficiency further enhance the system.

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