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Stepper motor supports proprietary protocol

UI Robot Technology (China) exhibited on the IAS exhibition in Shanghai its integrated stepper motor products. The CAN interface uses a proprietary higher-layer protocol. The UIM242XX stepper motor controllers can be controlled by a PC using the EIA-232 to CAN converter (UIM2501).

THE CHINESE MANUFACTURER HAS DEVELOPED a series of stepper motor controller, which can be integrated into the motor. These stepper motors with integrated controller are available in Nema 17, 23, 34 and 42 sizes. The controller supports open-loop and quadrature encoder closed-loop control. It is equipped with a digital signal processor (DSP), which support 64-bit operations. Selected Nema 17/23 motors can ramp up to 4000 rotations per minute in 0,25 second. The enclosure is made of die-cast aluminum.
The CAN interface is specified for up to 1 Mbit/s. The 2-wire interface is suitable for networks with up to 100 CAN nodes. The UIM2501 converter module (EIA 232 to CAN) connects the PC controller to the CAN network. The proprietary SimpleCAN protocol (based on ASCII commands) is transparently transported via the CAN network. This means the user doesn’t need detailed knowledge for the operation, only when troubleshooting is required. The company also offers the UID820 digital I/O module featuring CAN connectivity. The module comes with eight digital I/O ports and two PWM outputs. They can be used to control on/off valves, proportional valves, or DC motors. Additionally, they may link position or limit switches to the CAN-based control network.
UI Robot located in Shanghai is a university spin-off. The company established in 2009 has developed several robot modules for wheeled and tracked platforms. The sales for robots in China increased in the last years by 136 percent (2008 to 2011). This year there is growth of 15 percent expected. The International Federation of Robotics forecasts a annual 10 percent sales increase for the 2013 to 2015.

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