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Pneumatic valve terminals for CANopen

Festo (Germany) has introduced the VTUG valve terminals available in IP40-, IP60-, or IP67-rated housings. The CANopen devcies comprise up to 24 valve positions.

THE CANOPEN-CONNECTABLE VALVE manifolds feature different flow rates (220, 380, or 630 l/min). The number of valve positions on the manifold rail limits the number of pressure zones, and each supply plate occupies one valve position. The products are specially designed to meet the requirements of the food and packaging industries, where high flow rates and small unit volumes are important. The plug-in valves simplify system integration.
The CTEU-CO bus-coupler module for CANopen networks provides NMT slave functionality and supports data-rates up to 1 Mbit/s. The module is screwed onto the valve terminal. It provides one TPDO and one RPDO containing up to 8 byte of input and output data. The PDO is transmitted periodically. Node-ID and bit-rate are selectable by means of DIP-switches. The CAN interface uses micro-style or open-style plug connectors. Besides PDO, SDO, NMT, and Heartbeat, the CANopen bus-coupler supports EMCY messages (e.g. indicating under-voltage and communications errors), and it comes with an EDS file compliant to CiA 306.

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