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Inverters for three-phase induction motors

WEG (The Netherlands) is launching the CFW-11 generation of inverters for three-phase induction motor control. Variants for 1,1 kW up to 370 kW are available. The devices provide CANopen and DeviceNet interfaces.

THE INVERTER WAS DEVELOPED based on plug-and-play philosophy. It automatically recognizes and configures the accessories used, as different slots of the inverter provide certain functionality e.g. CANopen communication is done via slot 3 and an I/O expansion port is accessible via slot 1.

The HMI (human machine interface) with a backlit graphic display has navigation and programming system similar to mobile phones with soft-key buttons. It is possible to access the parameters sequentially or through groups of parameters. The available Oriented Start-up function guides the user through the necessary programming. The product comes with a SoftPLC function (on a built-in memory card), which allows creating customer-specific applications using IEC 61131-3 programming software. Inverter programming from a PC is possible via USB. Windows environment for parameterization, command and
monitoring of the devices is available.
The inverter fulfills sensor-less vector control and closed loop vector control, sinusoidal PWM modulation as well as space vector modulation. Further features are built-in EMC filters, PID regulator, DSP control, online monitoring, and trace function. The device is designed for running on normal or heavy-duty cycle loads. It may be applied in multi-pump control, pumps, fans, exhausts, compressors, paper and cellulose/wood processing, cement and mining, chemical and petrochemical, iron works and metallurgy, elevation, refrigeration, sugar and alcohol industry as well as in process machines.

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