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Amplifier and controller for hydraulics

The MD2 digital amplifier and controller module from Wandfluh (Germany) has been developed for actuating proportional and switching hydraulic valves. It provides a CANopen interface compliant to the CiA 408 profile for hydraulics.

THROUGH THIS, IT IS POSSIBLE TO USE THE MODULE as a range of controllers, such as pressure, volume flow or position controllers. The CANopen connection enables the reading-in of command and feedback value signals as well as the parameterization directly through the CAN interface. With a protection class of IP67, the application of this module is possible wherever moisture, vibrations, higher temperatures or fluctuating supply voltages occur.

The supply voltage range enables the driving of 12-VDC and 24-VDC devices. The parameterization takes place through the menu-controlled parameterization and diagnostics software “Paso” through an USB-interface. With this software, all process and diagnostics data can be viewed and if required recorded in real time. The complete signal flow from the control signal input to the solenoid output can be seen with all adjustable and set parameters. The parameters can be changed or stored in the memory.

The module has digital inputs and outputs as well as four or eight pulse-width modulation (PWM) outputs with superimposed dither signal for operating the solenoid valves. The solenoid outputs can also be parameterized for black and white solenoids. The two, respectively four, analog and digital inputs as well as the two digital outputs are individually programmable. In addition, the digital inputs are capable of processing frequency or PWM signals. For processing analog process signals, up to four analog inputs with a 16-bit resolution are available.

The command and feedback values can be applied as voltage, current, digital, frequency, or PWM signals. For each command value the utilized input can be selected. The scaling takes place through the parameters “Interface” and “Reference”. Furthermore, each command value can be monitored for cable break (excepting the voltage and digital signal). In the version with a CAN-connection, the command value can also be digitally transmitted and the feedback value can be read-in by a sensor with CAN interface.

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