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Brushless DC motors with CANopen connectivity

Nanotec (Germany) has announced the expansion of its product range of the plug-and-drive PD4-C/CB integrated brushless DC servo motors. They come either as a stepper or BLDC motor, either delivers servo performance.

THE PRODUCT LINE CONSISTS OF INTEGRATED, brushless DC servo motors with a field-oriented closed-loop servo control. They are programmable and suitable for distributed applications. The series is an addition to the plug-and-drive family of integrated motors from the company. The control, encoder and halls are integrated into the housing of the servo motor. Cabling is therefore reduced to communication and power connections. Every motor can be programmed to run stand-alone programs or multi-axis coordinated motion control over a CANopen network.

The PD4-CB motors have a speed of 3500 rpm and a torque between 0,37 Nm and 1,1 Nm and for the first time they also feature a BLDC servo motor.
Thus, a performance range is available, depending on what type of brushless DC servo is required – a high pole brushless DC servo with a high torque at a low speed (PD4-C) or a low pole brushless DC servo with a high speed
(PD4-CB). The PD4-C models with a flange size of 59 or 60 have a holding torque of 1,1 or 3,5 Nm and they can drive applications that often use a combination of servo motor and gearbox, while the other model is for high speed applications.

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