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CANopen servo drive for applications with limited space conditions

Linmot (Switzerland) has introduced the servo drive A1100 at the SPS IPC Drives 2013. It has been developed for actuating linear motors in applications with limited space conditions.

THE SERVO DRIVE MEASURES 26 mm x 124 mm x 85 mm and can be used for integration in compact automated systems and tool-building. The communication between the upper level controller and the drive happens via a CANopen interface. This allows up to 50 programmed routes to be called up. The user can also save a sequential program with up to 255 commands on the drive. Execution of the programmed sequence can thus be done without delay.

Specific hardware development can lead to the servo drive being chained with other devices (daisy chaining), which, according to the company, reduces the installation effort. The drive software has a plug-and-play function to automatically recognize the motor, which is why future commissioning of a motor from the company will not be a problem. The introduced series will be available in the second quarter of 2014.

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