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CiA 402 controller for AC and DC motors

Exlar (USA) has launched the Tritex II servo controller featuring CANopen connectivity. It supports several CiA 402 modes: profile torque, profile velocity, and profile positioning. For set-up purposes an EIA-485 (Modbus) interface is available.

THE US PROVIDER, A CURTISS-WRIGHT COMPANY, has equipped its controllers with a CANopen NMT slave interface. The hardware options are M12 connector or terminal strips. The interface board comes with 75-mm, 90-mm, or 155-mm frame sizes. The Expert software supports all Tritex products including the CANopen versions.
The CANopen board features eight digital AC inputs plus four digital DC inputs as well as four digital AC outputs and three digital DC outputs. The CANopen interface supports the standardized bit-rates up to 1 Mbit/s. Four TPDOs and four RPDOs are available. The CANopen implementation supports synchronous PDOs. It also features Emergency, Heartbeat, and Node-guarding functionality. The product comes with EDS file. Besides the above-mentioned CiA 402 operation modes, the controller supports homing and jog functions. The actuators combine servo drive, digital position controller, brushless motor and linear or rotary actuator in one package.

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