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Digital amplifier with CANopen

The SD7 amplifier module by Wandfluh (Germany) is a drive for proportional valves. It is available with one or two current outputs with superimposed dither signals

THE DEVICE CAN BE SNAPPED on to top hat rails in accordance with EN 60715. The 2-solenoid version can be utilized either for driving a 2-solenoid valve or for driving two independent 1-solenoid valves. Instead of an analog interface, all modules are also available with CANopen or J1939 connectivity. Apart from the 24-VDC version, a 12-VDC version is available. The amplifier provides a ramping function, which makes it possible to separately set two linear ramps for up and down for each solenoid output. The command value can be applied as a voltage, current, PWM or frequency signal. The module furthermore comprises two digital inputs and outputs. The assignment of the inputs and outputs relative to one another is variable. The parameterization takes place through the USB interface by means of the Paso-SD7 menu-controlled parameterization and diagnostics software or else optionally by means of a hand control on the front panel.

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