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Diode laser with CANopen

The SD3000 multi-bar diode laser system by Dilas (Germany) is capable of delivering up to 3-kilowatt output at 980nm wavelength to the work piece. The integrated DLC control unit provides a CANopen interface.

THE DIRECT DIODE LASER SYSTEM is available either with symmetric spot configuration (SD3000S) or with different line focus configurations (SD3000L). Its line focus is homogenized in the long direction. The turnkey system comes with a water-water heat exchanger as well as power supply diode laser driver. It is equipped with pilot beam for positioning purposes. The product is suitable for surface treatment applications like hardening and applications that need large spot geometries.
Dilas Industrial Laser Systems, a division of Dilas Diodenlaser, delivers solutions for industrial laser systems in a wide range of output powers and wavelengths, including fiber-coupled, direct beam or line source solutions for an increasing number of industrial applications. Founded in 1994 in Germany, with operations in North America and Asia, the company designs, develops and manufactures semiconductor laser components, modules and systems.

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