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Frequency inverter with CANopen

The S2U by Bonfiglioli (Italy) is a frequency inverter for a power range of 0,25 kW to 3,0 kW 3-Phase 200 V to 240 V, 50 Hz to 60 Hz (+10 % to -15 %). It is CANopen supported.

THE S2U RANGE COMES IN FIVE MODULES in two frame sizes. It features one analog input (V or I selectable), five digital inputs (programmable multifunction), one analog output (voltage linear) and one relay output (programmable multifunction). It also includes a RJ45 terminal for communication with PC or modbus network. Its switching frequency is 1 kHz to 16 kHz and the overload capacity is 150 % for 60 s. This inverter can be used for example for lean application projects.

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