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Grading system with CAN

The Leica iCON grade range from Leica Geosystems (Switzerland), a grading system, provides automatic control of both slope 
and elevation. It can be installed on machines from any vendor and uses a CAN interface.

THE KEY TO THE SYSTEM LIES IN ITS SINGLE DOCKING STATION, allowing the exchange of panels. The 2D panel can be swapped with the 3D panel or panels can be transferred between machines. The cable-free control panels speed up installation and panel exchange on the machines. Sensors can be added and users can upgrade their system to meet their specific machine and application requirements. Adding an extra mast and laser sensor for example allows work independent of slope direction.
The system is waterproof and is equipped with a contact-free control/display panel
. When the control panel is removed, the system powers down automatically. Machine specific settings are permanently stored in the docking station
The system can be upgraded from 2D to 3D capability. On the 3D panel, one option does not exclude the other and if there is no GPS signal available work can continue in 2D with lasers, slope or ultrasonic sensors. If the 3D is only needed for a short period, the company offers rental packages for the GPS/Tracker as well as the 3D software.

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