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Integrated motor products with CANopen and Ethernet/IP

Schneider Electric has introduced the Ethernet/IP option for its CANopen integrated motor products. The Lexium M-Drive (LMD) family is already available in Nema 23 and Nema 24 motor sizes. Additional sizes will be introduced.

THE FRENCH ENTERPRISE PRESENTS THE LMD PRODUCTS at PackExpo in Las Vegas (USA), September 23 to 25. The motors with integrated motion controller come with CANopen, Ethernet/IP, and ModbusTCP connectivity. Paul Kling from Schneider Electric stated: "Globally, Ethernet commands a leading market share in industrial automation, with CANopen another well-established communication protocol. Both fieldbuses feature standards that ensure consistency and ease of implementation for all vendors and products. With the availability of Lexium MDrive fieldbus products, reliable integrated motors are available for a majority of industrial automation systems."

LMD products with internal encoder also include the so-called HM technology, which closes the feedback loop eliminating negatives traditionally associated with stepper systems. A variable current/torque control feature also reduces heat and saves energy. For ease of use, an intuitive user software suite is provided for all product versions. In addition, the products are backed by an extended warranty that doubles the previous 2-years coverage period. The provided devices operate from 12 VDC to 70 VDC.

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