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CANopen controller and drives for horizontal-packaging machine

The Taiwanese CiA member Joint Peer Systec (JPS) introduced the Pico-Pack CANopen controller unit, which is dedicated for controlling the horizontal flow packaging machines. The rail-mountable unit is compactly designed to fit in a plastic cigarette-box-size enclosure. Such packaging machine functions as “Smart-Belt”, “Eco-Foam” or “Flex-Jaw”, were included in the controller as standard.

RUNNING UNDER CSP (cyclic synchronous position) operation mode as defined in the CiA 402, the controller acts as a master device that produces position and velocity commands every 1,6 ms to all slave servo drives. Each servo drive follows the master command to control the push-bar, the foam-feeder, the end-sealer and web-tension of the package machine respectively. The device also provides an EIA-485 port (Modbus RTU protocol) for connecting the system PLC that should control the heaters, switches, displays, etc. The controller hardware adopts following interrupt-driven or capture-input signals directly: Mark sensor for foam registration, sealer/cut input for end sealer synchronization, push-bar index for Smart-Belt tracking, inline product-detector for special Eco-Foam function, inline obstacle-detector for additional Flex-Jaw capability and extra A-/B-phase encoder inputs for line-speed detection. Inside the controller, a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 CPU is used for processing all complex kinematical motion trajectories in real time. In addition, the CPU firmware integrates special functions blocks, such as mapped CAM profile, dynamic rotary fly cut curve, point-to-point function and pulse-tracking abilities. A Windows-based commissioning software Joint-Programmer is available for reading, writing, monitoring and controlling the Pico-Pack.
The company also released the Coins motor drive series with embedded CANopen interface. The series have three basic models that drive PM servo-, brushless DC- and asynchronous AC-motors respectively. The drives feature a CiA-402-compatible CANopen interface, two EIA-485, six/three digital I/Os, one/one analog I/O as well as control functions for torque, speed and position as standard.

The Coins motor drive series with embedded CANopen interface.

Different drive models for customer’s specific needs are being developed. For horizontal packaging machines, the Smart-Belt drive controls the belt prior to the chained push-bar. Using product sensors information on the belt, and TPDO messages (chain speed, push-bar position, etc.) produced by other CANopen nodes, the Smart-Belt drive autonomously adjusts the belt speed in order to transfer products from belt onto the push-bar conveyor in just right position.
For textile warp knitting machine, the Smart-EBA drive controls yarn feeding speed. Via PDO messages, master controller demands yarn’s feeding speed in mm/rack. Each EBA drive evaluates system parameters (total bobbin turns, outer/inner diameters, etc.), and calculates corresponding motor speed in order to guarantee constant yarn let-off rate.
For flat yarn manufacture system, after extrusion, cooling, and slitting, there exist as much as 256 Smart-Spooler/Winder spindles. Through PDO messages, master controller regularly broadcasts extruder yarn speed to all CANopen nodes. Based on known yarn speed, the Smart-Winder drive detects tension arm, calculates then commands the winder to optimum speed. As for the corresponding Smart-Spooler drive, by referencing the winder speed, it guides the yarn fiber back and forth on the bobbin surface forming the bobbin shape.
JPS welcomes partners from any machinery field to jointly develop more Smart-Drives.

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